Investment Casting Solution

We know there are many customers around the world purchasing metal products from Chinese suppliers, but few of them understand casting below.

  1. How their suppliers made those casting products?
  2. How many types of casting process the Chinese can choose from?
  3. What is different between them?

Today, we like to share an insight of Chinese investment casting process (part 1) with you and hope you can leave a comment or question, so we can discuss it and help you to understand your supplier better.

First of all, it is called Chinese style investment casting (L-W). It applied low-temperature-melted industrial waxes with water-glass. We believe there is no such method in the western world. The method is used to produce carbon steel parts such as valve body. Also, it is to replace another traditional casting solution – sand casting- which normally makes small objects. L-W normally produce part weights between 5kg – 100kg.

Secondly, it is medium-temperature-melted industrial maxes applied with silica sol (M-S). M-S is suited for stainless steel and some other special material. And is used to produce parts with high accuracy requirement and better surface finishing such as internal valve parts. The part weights between 100g-20kg. It cost higher than (L-W)

Last but not least is low-temperature-melted industrial wax with silica sol (L-S). L-S is used to produce stainless steel parts with big size, such as valve body. The cost is between L-W and M-W.

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